Texas Counties’ Trend In COVID-19 Positive-Test-Rate


  • Most website/summary reports COVID-19 positive test-rate at the state-level. This shiny dashboard plots COVID-19 positive test rate for Texas counties with > 3000 total tests performed.

  • Data obtained from the Texas Department of State Health Services

COVID-19 Community Mobility Map (Data From Google)


  • Plotting percentage change in visits to different category of places for each state

  • Data table of percent change visits extracted from Google Community Mobility Report

  • Darker color indicates 'decrease' in mobility

Git & GitHub Ebook For Scientists (Bookdown)


  • Brief introduction to Git & GitHub ebook (using bookdown)

  • Covers using Git for version control and sharing/collaborating on GitHub

  • Accompanied with Git & GitHub Workshop at CVL, Fall 2019.

fMRI QC Plot In R


  • R code on how to make fMRI QC plot similar to those shown in Power, 2017 NeuroImage article.It aligns the fMRI time series by voxels/ROIs (bottom gray plot) with motion/signal QC plots (top), making it easy to spot global changes in fMRI signals and potentially relate them to motion or other signals.

  • It uses several small functions available on my GitHub repository, r-for-brain-network.

Single Subject Brain Network In R


  • This post outlines using R for brain network analysis. Starting from loading in CIFTI files, extracting time series using CIFTI parcels, constructing network matrix, visualization of matrix and spring-embedded graph, and some basic network analysis.